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HVAC & Refrigeration Division

Our HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration) division has unique expertise and experience in providing comprehensive turnkey HVAC&R solutions to a wide range of Offshore and Marine applications, including FPSO’s, Oilrigs, Platforms, Pipe Laying Barges, Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels and Offshore accommodation modules.

Our Scope of Services for the Marine and Offshore HVAC & R industry:

  1. Provide turnkey project solutions encompassing engineering design from associate company, supply, and installation, testing and commissioning of new heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems complying with class requirements.
  2. Equipment supply, installation, testing and commissioning of air-conditioning and refrigeration system.
  3. Design, fabrication and installation of spiral/rectangular ducting system including thermal insulation and jacketing.
  4. Trouble shooting, service and maintenance of air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation system.
  5. Marine supplier for spares and compressors of reputed brands like Carrier, York, Daikin, and Sabroe and Japanese and Korean brands.
  6. With our professional management, well equipped workshops, established overseas networks on east and west coast of India , qualified and skilled operational staff, and a team of highly experienced engineers readily available to attend to any HVAC&R problem that you may have, we are confident that our products and services are of the best quality, most cost effective solutions available in the market today meeting both budget constraints and tight deadlines.
  7. Technical support-Technical support and free advice are offered on all matters relating to the supply and use of refrigerants, operational problems of air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems on board vessels.
  8. Custom-built Units-construction of custom-built units to specific customers' requirements for emergency situations as per provided design Consisting of compressor and motor assembled on a common base, optional extras include condenser, oil separator, and suction line accumulator.
  9. Recovery-Each vessel is recommended to have a refrigerant recovery unit to enable refrigerants to be recovered and re-used. Our Ship Supply will analyze your exact requirements and propose a suitable recovery unit with recovery cylinders and a vacuum pump.
  10. Thermal Insulation Services provided on board LPG Carriers and other vessels
    • Renewal of insulation on cargo tanks
    • Repair of cargo lines and vapor / condensate lines
    • Renewal / repair of insulation in compressor rooms 
    • Sea voyage repairs
    • Professional foaming procedures using two component polyurethane foam.
    • Asbestos contained insulation removal
  11. Air conditioning systems on marine vessels generally can be divided into one of four basic types, determined by how the final cooling and heating are attained within the space. We design your optimum system by using various combinations of these four basic types of A/C systems, depending on your needs.

                  Our services include:

    • Manufacture and erection of mild, galvanized and stainless steel ductwork systems;
    • Installation of complete ventilation/air conditioning systems;
    • Manufacture and installation of aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel canopies, including associated extract systems;
    • Installation of small to medium-sized mild, galvanized and stainless steel canopies, including associated extract systems;
    • Installation of Marine and offshore ventilation and air conditioning systems (for engine room, accommodation, hazardous area).


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