Off/On Shore Assistance
  Electrical & Instrumentation jobs
  Oil well servicing, well stimulation & workover services.
  Subsea Operation


Services Rendered

Highly Expertise in Piping Stress Analysis work of

  • Metallic and Non Metallic piping
  • All above Ground and Underground Systems
  • High Temperature and High Pressure Services
  • Jacketed Piping, Refractory lined piping
  • Integrated Analysis
  • Offshore Piping Analysis

 Stress Analysis

Static Analysis: (Offshore & onshore)

  • Reactor, Column - Re-boiler Piping
  • Compressor Piping, Turbine Piping
  • Fired Heater Piping
  • Pump and Heat Exchanger Piping
  • Pipe rack Piping like Loop fixation, UDL Calculation and Anchor bay location
  • Jetty Piping, Ejector Piping

Integrated Analysis:

  • Structural plus piping analysis.

Dynamic Analysis:

  • Modal Analysis
  • Slug/Plug Flow Calculation and Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Pulsation / acoustic analysis

Other Activities:

  • Critical Line List and System Formation
  • Flange Leakage Calculation, Trunion Calculation
  • WRC -297 and 107,
  • Bellow and Spring Specification,
  • Design & conceptual drawing of Special support
  • Data Sheets–Bellow, spring, snubber, sway brace etc.

Nonmetallic pipe analysis using code UKOOA, BS, ISO


 Plant Layout of

  • EPF, CPF, Marketing Terminals ( White / Black oil and LPG), Refinery and Petrochemical Plants
  • PMS, VMS, Data Sheets, MTO
  • 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling


Civil Design and Engineering

  • Site Preparation, site drainage, site paving
  • Roads, fencing, Plumbing and Sanitary services
  • Design basis, Specifications and tenders
  • Material Estimate.
  • Substructure and Superstructure design.


Standard Drawings :

  • Hydro vent & drain connection details, rating / spec wise, process vent & drain connection details, Strainers, utility station hose connection details, eye wash & safety shower details, tundish details, spade & spare details, spectacle blind details, bird screen details, CV assembly details etc.
  • Conceptual Plot plan / Plot Plan
  • Dyke enclosure capacity Calculation
  • Equipment Layout (Unit Plot Plan)
  • Piping Layout (Piping G.A.)
  • Key Plans (Part Plot Plan) of Equipment / Piping Layout
  • Nozzle Orientation Drawings
  • Hazardous area classification drawing

Statutory Approval Drawings :

  • IBR Approval drawing, OISD approval drawing,
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) committee approval drawing, MOEF approval,

Preliminary piping study Layout for tentative pipe routing, platform, staircase, ladder planning, Rack vs. sleeper study

Fire Hydrant ring Layout, Fire extinguisher layout

Material & MTO

  • Utility station layout
  • Isometrics
  • Material selection Report
  • Piping Class Index / Service Class Index
  • Piping Class Specification (PMS)
  • Piping Valve Specifications(VMS)
  • Valve Tagging Philosophy, Valve Tagging
  • S. M. Tagging, S.M. Item List
  • Valve Data sheets & S. M.item Data Sheets
  • Bulk MTO (Valve, Pipe and Fitting)
  • Requisition for Quotation (Material Requisition)
  • General Specification for Inspection, Testing and Flushing

Civil Design & Engineering

Site Preparation

  • Rough Grading, Mass Excavation, Erosion Control Measures

Site Drainage (Gravity Sewers)

  • Design of Storm Sewers (Rainfall Hydrology and Storm Sewer Hydraulics)
  • Oily Water Sewers, Process Water Sewers

Site Paving

  • Unit Paving (Concrete ), Paver blocks
  • Construction Laydown & Parking Areas


  • Design of Concrete Roads, Bitumen Roads


  • Conceptual Fencing plans and Details, Gate Details

Plumbing & Sanitary Services

  • Design of sewer line, water supply lines
  • Design of septic tank and soak pit.

Design Basis

  • Civil Design Basis, Structural Design basis, Architectural Design Basis


  • Architectural works, Civil works, Structural works


  • Preparation of BOQ

Material Estimate

  • Earthwork in excavation and Earthwork in Filling Quantities, Concrete and Reinforcement Quantities, Structural Steel Quantities, Architectural quantities.

Substructure Design

  • Pipe rack and Pipe Support Foundations
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Plant & Non Plant Building Foundations
  • Culvert and water retaining structures

Superstructure Design (RCC & Steel)

  • Plant & Non Plant Buildings
  • Pipe racks and Pipe supports


 Process Design and engineering

  •  HYSYS / Unisim Simulations for Upstream Oil & gas and Process Plants
  •  Gas Sweetening, Gas Dehydration
  •  Low Temperature Condensation
  •  De-Ethanizer and De-butanizer columns
  •  Complex flow line network hydraulics using Pipesim or other relevant software.
  •  Radiation / Dispersion analysis for Flare and Vents using Shell FRED.
  •  Line sizing
  •  Flare header network modelling, Flare network line sizing
  •  2 Phase Vessels Sizing / Flare KOD sizing
  •  Heat Exchanger rating / Heat Exchanger sizing using HTFS / HTRI software
  •  Process Optimisation and De-bottlenecking of Equipments / Process Plants for higher productivities


 Equipment Design and engineering

  • Mechanical design of static equipments such as pressure vessels, columns reactors, heat exchangers, fixed as well floating roof storage tanks as per respective codes and standards.
  • Non metallic tank designing as per BS and ASME RTP code.

Fire fighting and detection system design and engineering.

  • Fire risk analysis, fire suppression and fire alarm system evaluation and design.
  • Fire protection system design drawing and specification development.
  • Assistance with code review, plan review, special hazard system design, bid documents, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, detection systems, and fire and life safety.

Manpower supply

  • Supply experience candidates (engineers, designers and draftsman) for engineering work on deputation or subcontract to client office on short or long term as per their requirement.
  • Assistance to hire right candidate for right job without much hurdle and time consumption.

Individual & Corporate Training

Individual Training

  • Piping Design Engineering
  • Piping Stress Analysis
  • Process Equipment Design Engineering
  • Engineering Drafting
  • Fire fighting and Safety
  • Short term coursers piping related software

 Corporate Training

Company run the courses of client’s choice at a date and location to suit them. You can choose from our standard courses or create your own bespoke course in piping discipline tailored to your team or company learning requirements. 

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